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A Reason to Smile

Grainger offers you​ a choice between two dental plans.

​​The PPO Plan

Administered by Aetna, the PPO Plan benefits are the same regardless of whether or not you see a network dentist. However, in-network providers offer discounted rates that will save you money and out-of-network providers are allowed to balance-bill you after insurance is applied. This means that you may be responsible for the difference in price between what Aetna covered and what the provider charged. In-​network providers do not balance-bill.

For more information, review the PPO Plan highlights (2019).

The DMO Plan

Offered by Aetna, the DMO Plan option offers a more limited choice of providers, but has richer benefits and lower costs than the PPO Plan. For example, there is no deductible, and the plan pays a higher percentage of basic, major and orthodontic services.

Team members who enroll in the Aetna DMO must select a primary care dentist (PCD). Confirm your provider participates or locate a provider in your area using Aetna’s provider directory.

For more information, review the DMO Plan highlights (2019).​

Quick Glance Comparison Chart

PPO​ Plan DMO ​Plan

Annual Deductible

You pay $25 per individual

You pay $0

Choice of Providers

Yes, you may visit in-network or out-of-network providers.

Yes, but you must select a primary care dentist (PCD).

Preventive Services
(oral examinations, scaling and polishing, children’s fluoride treatments, certain X-rays and up to two cleanings per year)

Plan pays 100%

Plan pays 100%

Basic Restorative Services
(including extractions, periodontics, cavity fillings and more)

Plan pays 80%

Plan pays 100%

Major Restorative Services
(crowns, tooth implants, dentures, root canals, inlays and onlays and more)

Plan pays 50%

Play pays 60%

Maximum Benefit
(for preventive, basic and major restorative dental services per covered participant each calendar year)

Plan pays $1,750


Orthodontic Services    

Plan pays 50%

Plan pays 60%

Maximum Lifetime Orthodontic Benefit
treatment plus 24 months of retention


24 months of comprehensive orthodontic​​

Note: ​Not applicable to part-time team members scheduled to work 20-29 hours per week. Also, the DMO Plan is not offered in Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Iowa, Louisiana, Maine, Mississippi, Montana, New Hampshire, North Dakota, South Carolina, South Dakota, Vermont, Wyoming, Guam or Puerto Rico. Team members in Guam have coverage offered through Calvo SelectCare (2019).