What’s New for 2021


These new benefits, enhancements and changes take effect January 1, 2021:

Limited increases to health care premiums
2021 Costs

Full-Time Benefits
Payroll contributions for most team members with full-time benefits will increase by $0.78 - $9.91 per month, assuming you receive the tobacco-free premium incentive, and dental coverage contributions will increase $0.17 - $0.82 per month. Part-time team members scheduled to work 30 or more hours per week are eligible for full-time benefits.

Part-Time Benefits
Payroll contributions for most team members with part-time benefits will increase by $3.91 - $18.27 per month, assuming you receive the tobacco-free premium incentive. 

The broad ranges above reflect our varied plan options, as well as the number of family members you choose to cover. There will be no increase for vision coverage.

New Benefit
Cyber safety: new benefit! 

Anyone can face an unexpected cyber threat, such as identity theft, a privacy breach or ransomware. To help team members and their families address cyber security threats, Grainger is offering LifeLock’s all-in-one cyber safety coverage for your identity, personal information and connected personal devices.

When you enroll during the Annual Enrollment period, protection starts as soon as November 1, 2020 and you’ll get two months of free coverage! Learn more.

Expert second opinions: medical plan enhancement!

Feeling uncertain about your medical diagnosis or treatment? Starting in 2021, the Grainger Gold, Silver and Platinum medical plans* will include access to nationally recognized doctors from the comfort of your home. 2nd.MD doctors are ready to answer your questions about a diagnosis, surgery, procedure, medications and treatment plans.

Virtual visits: Doctor on Demand 

Currently, each Grainger medical plan uses a different telemedicine provider for virtual visits. Starting in 2021, the Grainger Gold, Silver and Platinum medical plans* will use Doctor On Demand for their virtual visit program. As a plan member, your cost will be only $10 per visit, which is less than the cost of an office visit. (Note that team members in the Gold or Silver plan will pay the full cost for a visit until their annual covered expenses have reached the plan deductible.)

With Doctor On Demand, you can connect 24/7/365 via your smartphone, tablet or computer with a board-certified doctor for urgent care, prescription refills and behavioral therapy. This can be especially helpful when you can’t get in to see your regular doctor or don’t want to take the time to go to an urgent care facility or emergency room.

Behavioral health: access through your medical plan network

Currently, behavioral health benefits for the Grainger Gold, Silver and Platinum medical plans* are provided through Optum Behavioral Health.

Starting in 2021:

  • Aetna medical plans will use the Aetna behavioral health network.
  • BCBSIL medical plans will use the BCBSIL behavioral health network.
  • UHC medical plans will continue to use the Optum behavioral health network, including Talkspace and virtual behavioral health providers. Because both UHC and Optum are part of the same parent company, you will be able to access care through either UHC or Optum.

This new approach will give Aetna- and BCBSIL-enrolled team members and dependents better access to behavioral health care through a more robust network, without increasing costs.

Note for all team members: Optum will continue to provide EAP and WorkLife services to all team members, with EAP virtual visits available through Talkspace starting in 2021.

New Benefit
Optional AD&D: new benefit!

Team members with full-time benefits receive basic accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) coverage equal to 1.5 times pay at no cost. You will now be able to supplement that coverage with additional optional AD&D coverage for yourself and your family. Proof of good health (technically known as “Evidence of Insurability”) will not be required. This benefit is not available to team members with part-time benefits.

Tobacco cessation: Quit for Life     

Starting in 2021, a free tobacco cessation program will be offered through Quit for Life to all team members and spouses/domestic partners who are enrolled in any Grainger medical plan. You can get $450 off your annual cost for coverage if you don’t use tobacco. If you and/or your spouse/domestic partner do use tobacco, you can get the $450 annual tobacco incentive if all covered tobacco users complete the tobacco cessation program by the end of June 2021. (“All covered tobacco users” means you and/or your spouse/domestic partner, depending on your coverage. It does not include any covered children who use tobacco.) Completion of the program is required in order to continue getting the incentive. You cannot enroll and not complete the program, as in the past. Learn more.

* Applies to plans administered by Aetna, BlueCross BlueShield (BCBSIL) and United Healthcare (UHC), which cover the
continental U.S. and Alaska. Does not apply to other non-continental U.S. coverage.