BeNEfit Pro

Get Help Navigating Your Total Rewards

Benefit Pros are specially trained in Grainger’s Total Rewards to help you learn more about your benefits and discover resources you might otherwise overlook.

Connect with a Benefit Pro to help you make the most of your benefits and coverage, including resources for:

  • Medical coverage and claims: find a doctor, get cost estimates for medical procedures, resolve difficult claims issues
  • Growing your family: learn more about maternity leave or adoption assistance, add a child to your benefits and/or increase your life insurance
  • Retirement benefit information: understand your options for the Retirement Plan, 401(k) Plan, retiree medical benefits and Medicare
  • Others: refinance your student loans, enroll in pet insurance, save money with group home and auto insurance, discounts, and more

To contact a Benefit Pro, email or call 1-855-769-4384.

Use the online tool to find a doctor or get an estimate

In addition to personalized support from Benefit Pros, you can access an online Find a Doctor/Get an Estimate tool any time through the Total Rewards Portal.

This search tool offers suggestions based on reviews and ratings of thousands of in-network providers. It can also help you get estimates for medical procedures so that you can make informed choices about your health care options.

To get started, log on to the Total Rewards Portal (for additional instructions, see the right side of this page, or scroll down if you're using a mobile device).