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Retirement Savings Plan

How you and Grainger build your financial future

Grainger's Retirement Savings Plan (RSP) – a 401(k) plan – is one of the best long-term savings plans in the nation. It's our way of helping you prepare for retirement and build a solid financial foundation for whatever your future holds.


How It Works

  • After your first pay period, a Retirement Savings Plan account is automatically opened for you at Vanguard.
  • Grainger contributes 6% of your pay to your account each pay period.
  • You can contribute your own money, too, through pretax or after-tax Roth payroll deductions.
  • You can choose to invest your account in a range of professionally managed investment funds.

Retirement Savings Plan Snapshot 

Who is eligible?

Regular full-time and part-time team members

What is it?

A convenient, tax-smart way to save and invest your own money for retirement -- on top of the money Grainger contributes!

Why participate?

To build financial wellbeing for your future self while paying less in income taxes today

Grainger's contributions

  • 6% of eligible pay each pay period
  • Eligible pay includes your base salary, overtime, commission and bonuses
  • Always 100% vested
  • Tax-free until you take it out

Your contributions

Getting started

  • New team members are auto-enrolled at 3% pretax contribution level but can opt out within 30 days.
  • You can elect to contribute up to 75% of your pay, up to annual IRS limits, through payroll deductions.
  • Your contributions are always 100% vested.
  • Choose pre-tax contributions, after-tax Roth contributions or both.
  • Change your contributions anytime through the Vanguard website or by phone.

IRS annual limits for 2021

  • $19,500, plus another $6,500 in catch-up contributions if you are age 50 or older.
  • Limit applies to all your contributions combined.


  • Your contribution level will automatically increase 1% every April up to 6%, unless you opt out.

What to do

Access your Retirement Savings Plan account

Visit Vanguard's website by logging in to the Total Rewards portal with your Grainger RACFID and network password. This is the same information you use to log in to SAP/Kronos for your timecard. Or call Vanguard at 1-800-523-1188. To register for new account access, use plan number 093114.

Roll over your distribution from a previous employer's plan

A direct rollover into Grainger's Retirement Savings Plan lets you defer taxes on the distribution and take advantage of Grainger's investment options. Contact Vanguard for more information.

For more information about how the Plan works, review the Retirement Savings Plan Summary Plan Description (coming soon) and the  Loan & Withdrawal Rule Summary (access to Grainger's network is required).

Take advantage of Vanguard tools and resources

Check out Vanguard's tips:

Note: Puerto Rico team members have different contribution limits and should contact Vanguard directly for more information. See more for team members outside the continental U.S.