Health & Wellbeing

​Benefit Summaries

Benefit Summaries​

View a quick summary of the benefits available to you (as applicable). See Who Is Eligible​ for clarification​ of part-time status and definitions of dependent, spouse and domestic partner. 

Full-time Team Members

Part​-time Team Members

Note for part-time team members working 30 to 39 hours per week: If you’re a newly hired or eligible part-time team member who will be scheduled to work 30 to 39 hours per week (on average), you may be eligible to enroll for the following full-time health and welfare benefits (at full-time contribution rates): Medical Plan, Dental Plan, Long Term Disability, Optional Basic Life Insurance, Spouse and/or Child Life Insurance.

You will also automatically receive Basic Life and AD&D Insurance benefits of 1.5 times your annual salary as of January 1 and Short Term Disability benefits. Vision is also offered, but you pay the full cost.

​This does not change Grainger’s definition of full-time status for purposes of employment status and pay; you may be eligible for full-time health and welfare benefits, but your employment status will remain as part-time.