International Travel Medical Emergency

Be prepared in case of a medical emergency 

Traveling abroad is rewarding and exciting, but sometimes the unexpected does happen. Before you leave home on a personal trip, make sure you understand what is and is not covered under your Grainger medical plan and what to do if you need emergency care.  


Understanding Your Medical Coverage

  • Emergency room charges associated with a true life-threatening condition that results from an illness, injury or accident will be paid at the in-network level, even though you may go to an out-of-network provider.
  • Depending on your Grainger medical plan, your share of cost for emergency room services will be either 20% after deductible (Silver or Gold medical plan) or a $150 copay (Platinum plan).
  • Once the care changes from emergency-level to inpatient or outpatient follow-up care, it will paid at the out-of-network level. For details, see the Medical Plan Comparison Chart.

Seeking Emergency Care

  • If you need emergency medical care while traveling abroad, go to the nearest hospital for treatment. Grainger defines an “emergency” as a sudden and unforeseeable illness or injury that, in the judgment of a reasonable person, requires immediate care and treatment, and failure to receive immediate medical attention could be life-threatening or cause serious harm to bodily functions.
  • You will be required to pay out-of-pocket for care and file a claim later, since providers outside of U.S. are not contracted for your specific medical plan.
  • Ask the provider of service, if possible, to write the bill in English and convert the currency to U.S. Dollars. This will ease the medical plan claim process later.

Filing a Claim

  • Complete the claim form that is available through your medical carrier, and submit original documents such as original claim, itemized bill, medical records and proof of payment. Always remember to keep a copy of all documentation for your records.
  • If the provider of service did not present the bill or claim in English and U.S. Dollars, do not perform the translation and currency exchange yourself. Your medical plan carrier will provide these services for you.
  • If the benefit payment is to be issued to you instead of the provider, please submit a proof of payment. A canceled check, cash receipt, charge receipt, or handwritten receipt from the medical provider is acceptable.
  • Because your medical plan’s time limits on filing claims apply to international claims, be sure to submit your claims as soon as possible after receiving treatment. ​

Note: Benefits may differ for team members outside the continental U.S.


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